S Solar Hydroponics Fodder Unit 24 Tray


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From 24 Trays Setup, Daily Upto 30 Kg We can get
From 48 Trays Setup, Daily Upto 60 Kg We can get
From 72 Trays Setup, Daily Upto 90 Kg We can get , etc

 Key Features :

  •       Compact design of structure
  •       Galvanized iron (gi material of structure for long life) corrosion free.
  •       Smart controller inhouse developed
  •       Manual mode (provision to set ON time in minutes and seconds , OFF time in hours and minutes.
  •       Smart controller operates on two power sources ( solar , battery . System also has day night mode ( in summers user keeps the system 24 hours ON and in winters/rainy days 12 hours ON ) .
  •       Very low water consumption.
  •       Battery has low discharge and overcharge protection.


  •       Power consumption- negligible almost zero.
  •       Very less maintenance.
  •       Capacity 30 kg , 60kg,72 kg / day from 24 ,48 ,72 trays

 How Farmers are Benefiting ?

  •       Increase in Quality and Quantity of Milk
  •       Due to Feeding of Green Fresh Fodder the
  •       Cattles are Healthy
  •       Water,Time, Land Saving
  •       Saving on Transportation Cost
  •       Saving on Chopping Time
  •       No Dependency on Electricity , Labour


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