P Pumps ( Submersible Pumps 0.25HP)


Now Every Home will have Water and every farmer is atma nirbhar 
Solar above (0.25HP) gives 1000 to 1800 liters of water.
We can connect direct drip line to this system. (0.25HP) can connect 100 feet 6 to 8 lines inline.
 We can use this system for home use.

Now every home will have  water and every farmer is atma nirbhar 


The problem of light in the farm The problem of domestic water consumption and electricity  is seen in many parts of India.

 If farmers take 10 borewells, 2 to 4 borewells only water is available . Other borewells no water is  available or very little water is available .

For half acre, one acre farmers there is a problem of electricity , it is not possible to get electricity  connection from a long distance, even if there is electricity in the farm, the power size of the three phase connection in the farm is not affordable for small farmers.


Water can be drawn from borewells which have little or no water.

Low water farming can be done at low cost with the help of P Pumps 

Important Features:

Capable to take out  water from a depth of 100 to 200 feet, the technology runs on solar, indoor 230 volt and battery powered.

Solar gives 2000 to 3000 liters of water on top.

 You can add 6 to 8 inline direct drips to this system.

 We can use this system for home use.

Things Included : 

Solar pump, 100 ft wire, 100 ft pipe, solar structure, 100 W solar panel, two LED bulbs, solar controller and 8AH battery pack


Solar Pump (0.25HP) 6 Months

100 watt solar panel 10 yrs

12V 8 AH battery warranty 6 months


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